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What is Good Food?

DSC_7067One thing about this gig is that, as corny as it may sound, I get to nourish the body and the soul.  When I cook a dinner, friends get to be with each other and, hopefully, everyone gets some really happy taste buds.

What is it that makes good food?  Or put another way, what is it that makes food good? A somewhat, yet very important distinction.

To make good food you need good ingredients.  You also need a little skill.  Imagination doesn’t hurt either.

Fun Fact: my “last meal” is fried okra and potatoes, crowder peas, cornbread and fresh tomatoes.  Gourmet it ain’t. But if it’s going to be your last meal, it had better be food that’s good. So why is this food good?

Because of everything I associate with it.  Summer in Georgia.  Blackberry cobbler. Peaches. Family. Nothing about the actual food, and yet everything to do with it.

And I guess that’s what makes good food: food that’s good for you.