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Is It All About the Food?

This Thanksgiving, remember one thing: it’s all about the food.

But it’s not about the food. At all.

Food is the raison d’être, if you will, for Thanksgiving.  For any gathering of friends and family, for that matter.

So consider this: when we get together during the summer for a cookout, nobody frets about the quality of the hot dogs and burgers (nobody sane, anyhow).  Just don’t turn them into briquettes, and everyone is happy.

So should it be for Thanksgiving (or any other big holiday meal).  Try not to serve bird-flavored jello (i.e. cook your turkey to 165 degrees), and try not to carbonize your sweet potato casserole.  Aim for that sweet spot where you have food on the table that people can eat, and…you’re good.

No stress. No expectations about recreating that one perfect meal at grandma’s that everyone still raves about.

Instead, let’s all sit around, have one too many glasses of wine, ask cousin Bob why he hasn’t found a nice girl, and just enjoy the day.

And if the dog eats the turkey, go out for Chinese.  Because it’s not about the food.