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Virtual Cooking Classes

Tired of Zoom Happy Hours? Need a way to do some team building or get in front of clients? How about just getting to hang out with friends?

Virtual cooking classes are a great way for everyone to have an interactive, fun time, and create shared experiences that you can’t get just watching each other drink another glass of wine.

I currently have four set menus.

The first three cost $400 each, and include a main course, a mixed drink, and a dessert. They take about two hours, and come with a mise en place video. They are: Caribbean Shrimp, Painkiller and Mango & Brie Quesedilla; Chicken Parmesan, Bellini and Ancient Honeyed Cheesecake; and Mediterranean-inspired Quinoa Salad, Barcelona Gin Tonic and Honeyed Ricotta with Fresh Fruit. All of these courses can be modified to accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian options for as many of the class participants as necessary. Recommend class size is no more than 12 people.

The fourth is a class on building a great charcuterie board. We examine meats, cheeses, fruits, condiments and wines from up to three countries (I suggest a minimum of two). This class costs $450. We can have up to 20 people on without losing the interactivity that makes these classes fun.

Finally, you can create a customized menu. These start at $500 per class, and may go up depending on the cost of ingredients. (You want truffled risotto? Well, that’s going to cost you.)

For all classes, you’re responsible for any ingredients. I’ll work with you, of course, in creating your list. Many people order boxes to be picked up curbside by their clients (especially helpful in a larger city), while some deliver.

If you want a flavor of my teaching style, check out this gumbo video I made!