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Bacon Cupcakes–Because Who Doesn’t Need A Little More Bacon?

The internet is a thing of beauty sometimes. Granted, most of the time it’s a very scary place, full of deposed Nigerian dictators/princes, single moms who just need a little company, zwinkies (whatever the hell those are…still haven’t figured that out) and computer viruses, which, thanks to my new and updated Antivirus 2012, I’m protected against. (In case you haven’t found that little gem, don’t hit “cancel” or “no” or whatever when it asks, unprompted, I might add, if you want to download the software…only bad things can happen)

But every now and then there’s a bright ray of sunshine that proves that all this interconnectivity and sharing of knowledge might just make us better people.

You may recall, I HATE eggs, and anything I can do to make eggs not taste like eggs, I try. Well lo and behold, I was surfing the interwebs, the clouds parted, angels wept, and I saw a post about cooking eggs wrapped in bacon. Okay, potentially it could ruin some good bacon, but at least the eggs might be palatable.

Unable to leave well enough alone, however, I had to “frenchify” it, and basically turned out a crustless mushroom quiche. While I do not like eggs, I’m a big fan of quiche (I know…incongruous: deal with it). Therefore, I’m a big fan of these “cupcakes.”

Bacon Cupcakes

What You Need

Bacon (that’s a 1:1 ratio)
Goat cheese (about 1/4-1/2 ounce per egg)
Shallots (or onions), finely diced (about 1/2 tsp per egg)
Herbs (I used basil–a healthy pinch in each egg)
Salt & pepper to taste

What To Do With It

Start an oven preheating to 400.

Sautee your bacon at just under medium heat until it is brown, but not crispy. While it’s good practice generally not to worry the bacon…worry it. You’ll need it flexible. Once you get there, drain it.

Separately, sautee your shallots, then your mushrooms. Scramble your eggs (don’t cook ’em, just mix ’em!).

Put cupcake thingies in a muffin tin, and line them with the bacon, one strip per cupcake (I’d use aluminum, were I you). First go around the inside with the bacon up on its edge, the tear off the excess and put it on the bottom. (One might think, given the fat that has yet to cook out of the bacon, that the cupcake thingy might not be necessary, and that one could just put the bacon directly into a muffin tin. One would be sadly mistaken, and probably end up throwing away the tin after several attempts to clean it.)

Pour in your scrambled eggs, then drop in the herbs, shallots and mushrooms. Give that a quick stir, and put a goat cheese medallion on top.

Cook about 20 minutes (depending on the number of cupcakes you have).

Enjoy your eggs!

1 thought on “Bacon Cupcakes–Because Who Doesn’t Need A Little More Bacon?

  1. I made these for my inlaws when they were visiting. After they were home, my mother-in-law emailed me to ask for the recipe. I think that says success. 🙂

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